6park.com brings information and interest to the Chinese community

Sometimes you are surfing the net and just looking for an overall website with lots of information for the Chinese community, involving many topics you are interested in. 6park.com could be compared to an internet newspaper, with all of the features, sections and subjects, but with posts from fellow members in a sort of blog format.

The 6park.com site has an informative home page, that brings an immediate at-a-glance to the various categories you want to choose from. Whether you are interested in the world of glamor entertainment and gossip or finance, you will find everything you are looking for, that relates to the Chinese community interests. Each of the categories have an level of sub-categories that directly relate to the topic chosen.

The homepage also features a detailed list of the most pertinent posts that run the gamut from the serious to the fun. The news and features cover national and international topics, so you can keep up with everything that is going on in the world, from a single source website and add your own comments and posts as well as follow along with the post string. Some of the categories are direct links to outside sites, but address the exact interest, while others are more fun, including cartoons to entertain your day or serious answers to your legal questions.

There is a ‘recommend’ tile on the homepage that catches your eye and directs you to some of the top articles and news for the day. A really interesting area is the travel section which covers not only the standard travel interests but some of the unusual travel journeys that are offered on a national and international level.

The 6park.com Star segment is a collection of pertinent information that relates to daily life. It can be summer suggestions, and up and coming events that everyone may want to know about. The posts are interactive, with everyone contributing in a kind of blog format and a list of posts from a variety of members. The area does have a moderator, so content is watched and edited.

Sharing with the Chinese community in information, concerns, topics and discussions has been made easy with the 6park.com website. If you are looking for a particular topic, you can use the search fields to locate all of the posts and comments on that topic.

Registration is easy, with a simple fill in form page. Once you have registered, you can designate a pen name that will appear on your posts. Each area is monitored for member protection and there is a code of behavior that is expected of the members.

6park.com is a great website to exchange, share and offer ideas for people within the Chinese community. The best way to get the word out in today’s technology society is through a good website that is devoted to the cultural, national and international interests of the group.

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