Resource for testing in Sri Lanka

Education and achievement to success is the highest priority for the citizens of Sri Lanka. The website is designed to assist in academic excellence through all levels of learning, testing and certification.

The Department of Examinations has created a site that is easy to use and accommodates a variety of needs to help in guidance in the national evaluation process.

The examination download area gives you the opportunity to download the exam, while the services area is a complete contact and information source. The Exam Calendar ensures that everyone is kept up to date on examination times and locations.

If you are looking for information on an examination done, there are two sections that allow you to input the examination index numbers for preview after re-scrutiny. All efforts have been made to make this site a single resource, with special attention to include phone numbers for inquiry as well as a new mobile app download to have 24/7 access. The ‘News Headlines’ section on the home page offers all new updates that every academic student may need to know about.

The Department of Examination has devoted time and care in bringing this site to everyone for guidance towards the achievement of excellence. The certification process includes methodologies and instruments to ensure validity and reliability to help every reach their educational goals. The site reinforces our core beliefs of: Curriculum, Learning, Teaching and Evaluation so that is information is easily available to all Sri Lankan students to easily accomplish their academic best.

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