Remove the stress of converting YouTube to mp3 with

If you have experienced the frustration of trying to convert a YouTube video to mp3, you know there are a number of software programs and promises available. Most of them come with a price of some kind, usually in dollars or your time. In some cases, you may have found that you converted to one program only to find that you have to buy or subscribe so that you can get a format that you can actually share or use. is a one-stop location that removes the stress and gives you an easy to use, copy-and-paste access that automatically does the conversion for you, free of charge.

The team at realized that in this age of technology and instant transmissions, there shouldn’t be a series of costly processes involved, just to convert a video. The service is available for PC, Mac. iPhone, iPod or even a Linux PC, and there is easy and simple information on the home page that explains what to do and how the conversions are done.

If you previously used the YouTube downloader, you can delete that from your computer or device, because the site now brings you an automated feature that supports streaming websites. The viewer has the option of choosing whatever format you need and can convert via YouTube converter to formats such as Apple’s AAC, MP3, DivX or WMA lossy. Speed will depend upon your internet connection and the actual size of the file you have selected. The conversion is faster than a computer or device, so this makes everything so much more convenient.

Converting is super easy. Just copy and paste the video url that you are interested in converting and click the giant ‘Convert to MP3’ button. The update bar will display the amount of time, which is incredibly fast. There is an image display of the video that you are converting above the countdown update. Once done, you have the choice to download immediately, send to your iPhone as a ringtone or even convert another video. You can also immediately share via social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Gmail, Tumblr, Google or even send as a general email. has taken the hassle and frustration out of video conversion and given everyone a platform that is fast, easy and quickly shared. The service is called the number one YouTube downloader on the internet and all you need is the url of the video you want to convert. How easy is that?

You are invited to take just a few minutes of your time to check it out. If you agree with the rest of the viewing population, you can share on your favorite social media to get the word to your friends and family. Once you experience the speed and ease of the site, you will quickly realize that this is the only site you will ever need for your video conversions. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome, to continually improve the site and make the experience an enjoyable one.

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