Hapeepinoy.org – Hapeepinoy brings your favorite Filipino tv channels – 24/7

From tv shows to enticing trailers, Hapeepinoy keeps you in the know and up to date on all the shows you want to watch. A website designed for you, Hapeepinoy is a single source location on the net so that you never miss any of your favorites.

Easy to sign up as a member, you can set up your favorites playlist and even join a group for interaction. The channels area gives you choices and options for your most watched channels and shows. The videos section allows you to select specific videos, read and even post comments.

Our community feedback displays: Most recent, most viewed, most discussed, Top rated, Top Favorites and Recently featured; giving you easy access to make your viewing selections for high quality excellence. The ‘Random’ area offers something a little different for the discerning viewer, including show and movie reviews.

Join the Hapeepinoy ‘Community’ and set up your profile to locate those that share the same video interests and interchange recommendations, suggestions and interests. You can set up a communal group to exchange the latest information. Share your group info on your easy to add Facebook page, making this website a complete social media experience.

If you are looking for a specific show, the ‘search video’ section will give you instant data updates so that you can catch up on anything you may have missed.

Hapeepinoy is simply the best internet site for everything you are looking for in your favorite Filipino television and video experience.

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