Hottest website for everything Thai – to keep you in the know

If you want a single source site for news, drama, dating, tv, live chat, radio and video, will be the only site you access. Sports, music, information, gossip, shows and radio are all available with a simple click.

Fans in Thailand go to for all of their viewing selections. Choose from the top tabs that bring tv news and pick your favorite channel. If you are looking for live streaming games the Live tab will display the latest game, no matter where it’s being played.

To ensure top viewing, also offers Lao TV channels and Khmer TV The goal of is to offer a variety of choices, options and viewing variety for everyone.

There is a chat live dating and Fan club area where you can meet others in a virtual chat room and exchange comments and posts. Choose to post a picture (or not) and find friends that you can share with. Each time you land on the homepage, you will see the most recent posts and comments, giving you the chance to view, add and even catch up with friends. There is also a Thailand Markets Abroad tab giving you access to information, news and chats found nowhere else on the net.

Listen to your favorite Thai radio channels, watch that tv show that you missed last week and catch up on all of the sports news with Each area of the site is designed to bring you the kind of viewing that you are looking for, with options and selections that entice and entertain. Icons are displayed to make your choice easy. Pick your favorite option to watch or listen and you can even add comments on the chat live area and talk with others that share your passion for your favorite show, channel, song or video.

When you land on the home page, there will always be a sample of the latest and most popular songs playing. You can stay tuned to what everyone is listening to and follow your favorite artists from the over thirty radio channels available. is the favorite of Thai fans as a single source to find everything you want for your entertainment pleasure. Whether you are finding and talking to friends, looking for a romantic venture, seeking that favorite show or want to watch the latest live game, is the only choice for everything Thai. There are sixteen television channels to pick from, giving you choices that will accommodate any interest. The side list includes the most popular television programs viewed, and the list is kept up-to-date so you will never miss another program again.

Thailand’s favorite website continues to be Whether you are traveling and want to keep up with what’s happening at home or just need to be in the know, will always offer the latest, with what you are looking for in today’s viewing and listening entertainment.

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