NirmalBaba: Soothsayer, spiritual guide or simply the truth

Nirmal Babaja started life as Nirmaljit Singh Narula and came from a hardworking family in India. He followed in his families footsteps and undertook many entrepreneurial ventures, with gains that might have seemed young for his age. Everything changed, when Nirmal Babaja began seeing things to come, and when he shared them with his family, his life took a different path.

From a religious Sikh family, that struggled through tough times, Nirmal Babaja might never have thought that his future was any different than those around him. A chance automobile accident turned life upside down as he was required to recuperate for about 1 ½ years. Always a strong individual, the injury and accident required that he and his wife and children make a fresh start in their lives, and yet again Nirmal Babaja undertook the challenge.

Upon starting a new life and new business, Nirmal Babaja began experiencing concepts, ideas and what some might call visions. He shared the information with his family, and when they benefitted by the advice, they shared the word of Nirmal Babaja’s gift. Popularity of his speaking soon advanced so that he was required to do presentations through Samagams on the radio, so that he could reach as many people with his simple solutions. It was at this time his followers began calling him Nirmal Babaja and he continued his spiritual journey through television.

The videos of his programs and his message is maintained in an online library where all can benefit from the sharing of his discussions. Followers can select from the New Videos with an additional sort selection drop down of All Time, Today, Yesterday and This Month. The Top Videos section offers the most viewed and popular with additional time and category drop down choices. There is a Random Video section which plays the video and lists the title, number of views, submission, and episode. The home page of the website always displays a counter which includes the site statistics, listing the total number of videos available for preview. The website also displays the social media links so that devotees can share their favorite spiritual speaker.

Followers of Nirmal Babaja can have access to the latest message via the net and any internet capable device, so they never miss any of the latest programs. As Nirmal Babaja continues to travel and spread his words of wisdom, the crowds of devotees grow larger and his followers can watch and observe the presentations and questions that are addressed by Nirmal Babaja. Each person can receive the information from the interviews as he speaks to the people as one of them. As a member of the hardworking group of people from India, that spent a life filled with challenges and hurtles that had to be overcome, Nirmal Babaja brings hope to his followers and a often common sense to meet the obstacles in their lives. The mantra that Nirmal Babaja lives by is “Truth Will Prevail” and the website offers up to the minute videos with words of inspiration and help to all who view it.

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