PBE Bank

The Public Bank Group is the premier bank in Malaysia, with 377 locations available to serve customers in all aspects of financial control. With a focus on the client of today, PBE Bank brings a suite of solutions including personal credit cards,  balance transfer ability, the ease of keeping track of your accounts through internet banking, a mobile app that allows you to monitor and maintain account information on your smartphone, and registration for your account at a branch or the convenience of ATM registration.

PBE Bank addresses every aspect for the needs of today’s banking customer, giving you access to account tools, wherever and whenever you are.

PBE Bank understands that in a global community, investments and exchange rates are top priority and when some banks are concentric to only local requirements, PBE Bank maintains up to date international information for customer access on a broader scale.

The growth strategy of PBE Bank has its core in support of regional banking with small business, automotive and residential loans. PBE Bank brings consistent organic practices to accommodate the ever changing needs of the community and the customer base.

PBE Banking Group has established an award winning name within the financial arena, with prudent investments that bring increasing success to investors and shareholders as well as top honors and achievement levels within the bank rating world. The commitment and attitude of corporate and social responsibility has brought a level of excellence and competitive products to the increasingly sophisticated banking customer.

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