hottest Filipino internet site for movies, tv, sports and news viewing

Pinoy-ako brings the best in internet views for all of your favorite Hollywood movies, television shows, news casts, live tv, sports and so much more. A single site location to enhance the excitement of all of your preferred shows, you can choose from a wide variety to suit your viewing pleasure.

National and International movie selections with show offerings consistently updated, Live and pre-recorded sports games, tv show replays so you will never miss that special edition live tv for the shows you watch the most, and even Pinoy radio for listening to the broadcasts and music.

Pinoy News brings you national and international news, focusing on what’s happening in the world, sports and even showbiz. No other internet channel has such an excellence of up-to-the-minute offerings for the consumer. The additional special add-on movies and videos entice and invite your interests beyond just the standard norm.

Signing up is easy, with the free video download and Media Player update. “Pinoy Box Office” will keep you informed of up and coming releases and available shows. The streaming sports lists lets you select your team or game for live presentations.

Pinoy-ako ensures that whether you are home, traveling or vacationing, you will always have top of the line access to all of your updates, special shows, sports and news. Your viewing, video and audio pleasure is the main focus and ensuring excellence and choice is the Pinoy-ako priority. Pinoy-ako is everything for your entertainment pleasure, all on one website.

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