Poptropica.com: the fun, safe and exciting site for kids to play

Kids of all ages will love the Poptropica site. An incredibly interactive location to play all kinds of games that bring imagination and delight.

The site lets you choose your age and assigns you a cute avatar style character. You can then select other character identities (if you want).

There is plenty of cool stuff to do, see and play on this site; with a never ending list of additions, blogs, cheats and even promo codes.

Games are age-specific and offer some of the most interactive click-to-move animations available with expressions and movement. There are community areas for everyone to share, talk and even get help. The news and information updates keep everyone informed about all the cool things on Poptropica as well as new additions that have been added and those that are coming soon.

Kids can earn points to purchase items and upgrades and each game that is played lets you set up your own personalized Poptropica homepage to return to. Kids can travel from one game area to the next, playing and having fun in a safe environment, where everything changes and moves with just a simple ‘click’.

There are celebrity clips for insider information, a choice of age-specific games to choose from and even comics. Kids can jump from section to section and always return to the game they were playing.

Virus Hunters Island will keep everyone informed about things that are happening in the world of Poptropica. The latest additions can include everything from crafts downloads for your favorite games to interactive voting on projects! All to ensure that everyone has fun at Poptropica.

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