When you want to know everything that is going on in India, is the single access website answer. Rediff brings a variation of topics, with easy navigation. With just a click, you can view the latest movies, news, the hottest trends and fashion shopping and find the cricket scores of your favorite teams through the sports data section.

The goal of is to bring an exposure of information to the viewer with enticement of subjects and information and excellence. The business, news and investment areas capture images and up-to-the-minute newsfeeds to keep the consumer informed. addresses the immediacy and need of today’s media infused world. Changes are happening in India every second and Rediff makes sure the site fans are kept in the know, whether online or via the easy to download smartphone Rediffnews mobile app.

With a focus on the interesting, unusual and hottest topics, maintains a following with national and international stories and dialogue. The site is designed to enlighten, entertain, astound and delight the reader, with the kind of information the readers want. believes that the viewers in India deserve the highest quality and the best service for information and a variety of delivery options. The goal of Rediff is to bring the fans all aspects of life, both in India and abroad, and maintains a staff that supports these core attitudes.

Rediff invites you to join the growing viewer population, add us to your social media network and let us share our genius of creativity in your life.

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