Rediffmailpro makes email business solutions easier in India

Managing the day to day solutions for your business can be stressful and confusing. There are so many choices, options and prices that choosing the right programs are often mind boggling. Rediffmailpro now brings a single source solution for web hosting, email, and your website. What could be easier?

As a manager or owner, you need to ensure that you make the right choice for your business technology. Rediffmailpro brings you reliability, better features, faster service and high quality technical support.

Whether you are seeking an email service provider or a full compliment IP, Rediffmailpro brings you a selection that you can count on. The easy to use FAQ page addresses many of the common questions: Rediffmailpro specializes in making sure that your technology is protected. Email virus protection is always a top priority. Your domain name belongs to you. You will receive 1 GB of storage and each email address receives 200 MB (configuration can be changed). offers email filtering options so email can default into specific folders, based on the wording. provides POP3 and smtp services for your email account which can be configured for Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook, if needed.

Based on your interest or needs, you can click on the top tabs for the specific topic you are seeking. Book a domain name Buy email addresses only Hosting a website or a complete solution The features are listed in a total summary and the pricing is easy to read and compare. The How To Buy section makes the online experience quite simple. Just complete the registration and you are ready to go.

For corporate companies interested in an enterprise cloud solution, there are additional options that can save up to 40% of operating costs. Set up is fast and easy and there is a blog that offers new and updated information and a location for fellow members to contribute and read feedback on their experiences as well as suggestions.

The special ‘5 Things You Should Know’ page helps the manager or owner of today make intelligence decisions based on examination of your current and future needs. This is especially important if you are making the choice of in-house versus external hosting of your email.

If you are unsure of or concerned about cloud-based hosting, the cloud information and explanation sheet offers a quick and easy description with the features and reasons to consider cloud-based as opposed to standard hosting.

Locating a company that can accommodate all of your needs, address your questions and give you solutions and alternatives is a rarity these days. believes that everyone should have choices and that there isn’t a one-size-fit-all answer. Each section of the website offers information and options that are easy and flexible. Change is inevitable and the site also gains your trust with the ability to make alterations on your decisions, as your business grows. is quickly becoming India’s single resource solution, letting managers and owners focus on the art of running their business without being concerned about the technology.

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