Reklama5: Buying or Selling? Best Classifieds in all of Macedonia

Reklama5 is the single source location when you are looking for all of your classified needs. Convenient, easy to navigate and an abundance of items, announcements and business listings, Reklama5 is the most popular free trading platform classified location in Macedonia.

If you are looking to buy or sell any item, from cars to furniture, Reklama5 brings you the confidence to find new and used products with information, photos and contacts. With over two million visitors per month and forty five million page views per month, Reklama5 brings customers and sellers the best location for all of their needs. The site offers an ease that is based on knowing what the customer needs and has created a website so that you can locate your search, quickly and easily.

As a premier classified website, you can search or list real estate, job opportunities, automobiles and parts as well as company announcements and information. You can even check out the events, night life and exhibitions area, to make your plans or just keep on top of what’s happening. Reklama5 is relied upon for quality content, and all listings are previewed and verified prior to publication. There is an easy to use category dropdown that allows the view to preview the specific focus of their search. If you are selling an item, you can compare the competitor pricing to set your own price. If you are searching for a specific item, you can use the category area or the ‘search’ field for something the title or topic. The site offers another dropdown that is based on the location that you are searching. You can select the area and view all of the listings and information for that area. This gives you the chance to sell or buy from your local community as well as set or choose the pricing based on other posts and listings. This is a distinct advantage and brings you a competitive edge in the web world.


If you are new to Reklama5, you can access the HELP/FAQ area which gives you icon choices for the topic you are interested in. If you check out the listings as a common basis and want only the new items, you can set up an account, log in and view only the new listings that might be of interest to you.

Advertising and marketing is key to the success of a business. Reklama5 specializes in demographic and targeted marketing, offering quality service for local and international viewers and advertisers. Reklama5 holds the distinction of being the top name on all search engines and the team at Reklama5 is devoted to maintain placement and integrity, appealing to local as well as international organizations and companies.

Information on the Reklama5 site is constantly updated and reviewed. Reklama5 takes great pride in presenting the best classified location on the internet and has a commitment of devotion to ensuring the viewers, buyers, sellers, marketers and advertisers have the highest quality available, with consistency and convenience.

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