brings thrill and honor of the game to kids around the world

Start your adventure with SkylandersGiant online and on the go gaming. Characters, landscapes, and new worlds await you as you set up your challenge and play in a world of fantasy.

If you are new to skylanders, there is an introductory tab that will give you the info you need for a Starter Pack, Game Software, and Portal Power. The gaming levels are rated for ‘everyone, ages 10 and above’ and listed as cartoon violence. Just to make sure you know it’s safe, there is a For Parents tab to tell the tale and reassure that the adventure is for their kids. Take your avatar with you with Figures, Trading Cars and Stickers & Posters. If you are already a Portal Master, you can click on that tab for the Owner’s Pack, Game Software, Figure, Trading Cards and Stickers & Poster.

To learn about the story line, you can click on the Watch the Trailer tab and watch the video that brings you into the tale of excitement, with imaginative and creative characters that bring reality and often funny comments. The Story tab introduces you to the history of the Skylanders battle against Kaos and the trial and battles needed to save the Skyland world.

View the characters that bring your game alive. Click on each character to listen to the audio recording that helps you make your avatar personality choice. Be the hero of the game, the warrior, or the character that brings humor and comedy. Each of the avatars are part of their own inner circle of power: Water, Tech, Earth, Magic, Fire, Undead, Life and Air. They are also members of the Giants or Lightcore.

Never be away from your game with the additional software available for PowerStation, PS3, Playstation Network, XBox360, XBox Live, Wii, and Nintendo3DS. Click on the How to Play tab to make your choice of Play at Home or Play on the Go.

Once you enter your game, you will be entranced by the characters themselves. They are not just entertaining, but closer to watching and participating in a true adventure, with humor and wit. New stories are continually added, with puzzles to solve and new discoveries that fire the imagination of all who play. Each of the games have a compatibility section that displays if the game works with Skylanders Spiros Adventure and/or Skylanders Giants.

To get additional information and opinions, there is a Rave and Reviews section that offers feedback from the top gaming companies. Another excellent area is the Manuals section, that gives you the opportunity to download a manual you may have lost, misplaced or fell prey to destruction during the adventure.

Be a part of the Skylander challenge, taking your imagination to new heights, learning the lesson of honor and making friends on your journey. The battle is just beginning and your place is by the side of those who want to fight to win their world back and return to harmony and justice.

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