First and only free SMS service in the world for 440 SMS characters

Now the people of India can truly send 440 SMS characters, for free. is the first and only provider in India for this service, and is very proud to offer real time language conversion to their members., now believes that you shouldn’t have high SMS limitations based on a contract, agreement or the amount of money you have to pay for any service. SMS should be open to technology availability for everyone and should also be free. That’s why the now sms440 motto is ‘The Power To Express Yourself’.

It’s true: as you type your SMS message, the incredible technology infrastructure is converting your SMS message as you type. There are so many free services, that there might not be enough room to list them all! Just a few include: ensuring that your mobile number is listed as the sender id on the recipient’s mobile phone; the ability to schedule an SMS for a future date; create a phone book that includes group members and send an SMS message to the group; access your service from any location on any device; be assure of instant delivery. Where else can you find such high end technology solutions for SMS for free? The answer to that is no-where. is first and only company in the world to bring the advantages direct to the consumer at no charge.

You can even select from automated messages to be sent from the SMS Bank of messages for holidays, birthdays, special occasions, or just for fun. The Do Not Disturb feature is an added bonus as you can create a list of numbers to block or simply to not receive temporarily. One of the best features is the Mobile Locator, which offers you the chance to input a mobile number and using high tech GPS you can find out where that phone number is anywhere in India. Coming soon is the Blog section; a location where you can read updates and offer posts to fellow members.


Privacy should always be a top priority when it comes to your mobile information., now takes privacy very seriously and is committed to providing the best quality services and products for your internet experience. The information provided during the sign up process will be used to qualify the user and the mobile number is used to identify the sender.

If you ever have any questions about your account, simply want to offer feedback or are interested in advertising opportunities, there is a convenient contact us page for email contact. Unlike some of the technology companies on the net, believes you should have the ability to email and they will respond to your inquiry.

SMS messaging at 440 characters will probably change your sms world with no more end-of-message alerts. Share the information with your friends, so you can all send extended messages, free of charge, and enjoy SMS at an entirely new level. Stay tuned to the website for new features and solutions, because is always in the mode of creating new ideas.

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