Watch the movies and tv shows you want: latest releases to favorite classics on

Finally, a website devoted completely to bringing movie and television show fans what they really want: free viewing from start to finish! is an exciting site that offers information, reviews, and even ratings by fellow fans. Sit back, relax and watch your favorites 24/7.

The first thing you will be greeted by on the site is the professional and high quality listings you can select from. Choose the top tab of movies or TV Shows to get a display of the latest releases right on the home page. If you are looking for an older listing, use the search tab on the top right to input the movie or television show you want. There is an ‘advanced search’ area if you need to drill down and find something specific. This is perfect if you only know part of the information, such as year or some of the title name.

If you are just browsing, pick from the various genres such as Action Adventure Animation Comedy Drama Horror Romance SciFi Or Thriller. In case you want to preview by year, you have another option of selecting by year for the last five years. This gives you a plethora of movie and tv choices, some that you might have been looking for and others that you just meant to watch, but never had the time. Besides the Most Popular, there is also a tab for Latest and to keep in the know you will want to keep track of the Coming Soon area.

The site brings you an incredible blog to read and participate in, for feedback and updates and you can easily view the latest threads as they happen. There is a Facebook Fan Club that offers updates to you on your FB page for the latest and greatest in movie and tv viewing. For Twitter fans, you can access the tweets from fellow members and get your updates and info direct from the source. You can click on the Trends area to see what the most popular tv shows and movies have been by month and day.

It is a rare opportunity to see such a professional, well-presented website devoted to and offering the viewers everything they are looking for in movie and television topics. Each of the shows offers information on the genre, type, production or release year, a brief write up summary, the ratings by fellow viewers and if available, HD streaming. If you have chosen a television show series, there will be a list of the various episodes at the bottom to pick from. Making your choice is as easy as clicking on the Stream In HD now icon, and you only need to sit back and watch.

Whenever and wherever you have internet access, on your tablet, computer, laptop or phone, you can watch a movie you missed, and your favorite television show episodes around your time schedule. Making things easy is what it’s all about and has met that challenge to create the very best for their fans.

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