Single source for Iranian news and information:

If you are looking for a website that brings national and international news for the Iranian community, is the single source.

The home page has the top articles for the last two days posted for you to keep up to date on everything on the homefront. There is also an at-a-glance exchange rate grid for gold, coins and currency for countries around the world.

The various categories offer summary information and fairly excellent details on News, Iran, World, Athletics, Events, Cinema, Music, Economic, Science, Art, Culture, Articles and Stories. There is even a section for horoscope and Love and Dating. Click on your favorite topic and the center screen fills with the most recently posted news and information for you to preview.

The left homepage brings you a photo listing based on the latest topic and includes all of the trends, happenings and information for the last two days. Topics range from Iran to international and you can keep in the know with a quick click to view.

The Life Section covers everything from marriage to children as well as topics and current events on ecology and environmental issues. The Athletic section is one of the most popular, with updates on teams, games and the latest news reports. If you are looking for the score updates for a favorite game or info on a player injury, has all of the stories for every topic.

Keeping up with trends and events is as easy as glancing at the home page on Browse through the many subjects such as pages of today’s newspapers, Iranian history, a variety of news links, Latin and Persian love and dating, Iran roads and maps, eCards, conversion of solar, radio mix, live music and radio, sexual health, obesity and impotence, skin and hair. There are helpful stories and news for women’s health, drugs and treatment, psychology, pregnancy and family issues, and internal medicine.The radio segment gives you a chance to listen to the latest music, with information and sound.

No other net source brings so much information to the Iranian community on both a national and international level. The Recreational section adds a bit of a highlight that can lighten up your life with topics such as Iranian Chat, Iran Blog, Homeland Blog, Iran Cartoons, and IP Humor. Everything you need for your day can be found on If you have net access you can keep up with the latest information that affects your life, your family and your world.

No matter what your age, interests or lifestyle, is a website that you will choose to view almost every day. An excellent resource whether at home or traveling, for details or summaries of everything you want to know about. No other site brings so much to the Iranian community to ensure that everyone is kept up to date on everything from current events to just having fun.

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