Ticketpop was created in 2002. Company is based at San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Puerto rico was alwasy one of top Caibbean destinations to visit. Tripadvisor recommends over 500 things to do in Puerto Rico

According to statement they published on a facebook – they are trying to help all to get tickets quickly and easy.TicketPop Website Logo Ticketpop ticketing service mostly focused on Puerto Rico. Tickets are available for concerts, sporting events and other entertainment.

You can visit ticketpop.com to see Puerto Rico events invluding detailed information about date, place, time and ticket price.

While focusing on puerto rico site still located in .com and not .pr domain zone. This may be explained by high prices for .pr zone (according to wikipedia .pr costs for direct second-level domains are currently $1,000/yr)
Primary language of the site is Spanish:

TicketPop.com in Spanish

You can also switch to English using a link at the top right corner.

TicketPop.com in English

www.ticketpop.com can also send a text message straight to your phone if you sign up for this service.

Tickets can be purchased over the internet, phone or in outlets. If purchased over the phone or online tickets can be printed at home or the credit card that you use can later be presented at the oulet to pickup your tickets.

Ticketpop locations:
Outlets are located in many store like


TicketPop Outlets at Walmart

and Amigo:

TicketPop Outlets at Amigo

TicketPop is social media friendly. As of April 4, 2012 it had 27964 fans:

TicketPop Facebook

Ticketpop on Facebook.

You can also follow TicketPop on TWITTER

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