best music downloads and ringtones on the Filipino net

Streaming music, let’s sing it – is the call of and the website lives up to the words. Top music downloads 24/7 for the Filipino community, with an alphabetic search for your favorite artists and songs. Once you find the song you want, you can use the easy click to add as a ringtone.

The homepage brings the newest videokeman additions in mp3 format with a star rating that shows you what other fans think and how they rate the song. Use the top search field to look up specific artists and then click to listen and download. View the Top 20 song area to see what the hottest tunes are as well as the music that most people are searching for. The Top 100 songs is an easy browse, so you can check out the latest and those that are trending.

When it comes to the top Filipino music, will be the main source on the net for your downloads and ringtones. The site brings up to the minute releases so that you can hear your favorite singers and performers whenever and wherever you are. One of the best features on the site is finding your favorite song, when you may know only the artist and the lyrics. The Submit Lyrics section will search and match.

The site offers two free download versions: Normal or Premium for faster streaming and video speed through iLivid software. No where else on the net can you find the newest, latest and greatest in national and internations music, from all types of artists and performers. Once you select your artist, you will also see related pictures and images on the right that you can Pin to your Pinterest page. Listen to the song and you will view the lyrics – so you can sing along.

As a fan you can share on social media including Facebook, and follow on Twitter. You even have access to as an RSS feed.

No other site blends your favorite music, lyrics, images and pictures into a single location download and ringtone access point. It’s a simple search, find, listen, download and share with just a few clicks. Stay on top of today’s hottest tunes, see favorite pictures of the musicians that make your day and view the lyrics to join the performance. Impress your friends with the ringtones that they wish they had. Be creative, and link the site for lyrics in your own next performance. All of the features and options are free, which makes this an even tastier site.

Whether you are a fan of Lady Antebellum or Led Zeppelin, each of the songs are played in their original format with the lyrics that you know so well. Music choices for all ages, styles and preferences give you the chance to play on, sing on, rock on and live the videokeman theme: streaming music, let’s sing it.

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