Webkinz.com brings a child’s world of fantasy to another level of fun

In the world of webkinz, every child has the perfect friend and the coolest thing about webkinz is everything. Now one of the most popular group of plush animal friends has its own website, for games, news and lots of fun. Webkinz is a name known around the world and has quickly become a beloved favorite for children. The website is available in fourteen different languages because fun is the focus, no matter where you are on the globe.

The first thing every child will want to do on the webkinz.com site is to adopt a pet Ms. Byrdy will instruct you that you can choose from a boy or girl, dog or a cat and advise you to set up an account. Getting parental permission is suggested for account set up and the account will give the kids the chance to play games, join in on the fun, earn rewards, and be part of the webkinz friends on Facebook. The webkinz news keeps you updated on everything that is happening in your webkinz group and the News Blog includes information and articles on your favorite webkinz friends. The parents segment includes excellent information to ensure the kids have a safe website environment and the Ganzworld parents club is another segment that gives parents and caregivers the chance to share information, and have a resource for education, celebrations and creative play.

There is always something new happening at webkinz.com and everyone is invited to preview some of the latest additions. The most recent is Nakamas Freindship for wearing and sharing. Take a tour of the new plush toys and their latest adventures. The Help area can address the most popular questions and issues and is quite a detailed section for anyone that may be experiencing a problem.

There is a contest area and all are invited to check out the newest additions to try their luck at winning. Contests are enticing and bring the joy of webkinz world with the dates that the kids can play.

For anyone that wants the full webkinz catalog there is a detailed list of all of the webkinz characters and status availability.

In case you want to access webkinz.com on the go, there is a webkinz mobile app so you can care for your pet anywhere. It’s a perfect place to be when you are traveling or away from home.

The webkinz.com website has been designed with all of the wonder and excitement of a child’s world and offers an opportunity to learn, grow and share. The most loved creatures in the universe now have an internet location to extend the fun and joy. Children of all ages will be enchanted with a website that continues their journey with their favorite toy friend, because you see, in their eyes, they are really their true friends. The lessons learned on this site will be some that they can carry with them throughout their lives. And after all, isn’t that the kind of website we all wish we could really live in?

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